Happy Birthday to Fred Chan and Chris Kelley!

As you might imagine, returning back to the office after such a long time away there was a lot of correspondence to catch up on and many meetings with most of the administrative team to be brought up to date on events since being away. Today I met with Don Judges who is chairing our strategic planning committee to get an update on the status of that group’s activities and to think about the survey that we will be sending out to a sampling of our alums and bar leaders. We will be working with the Survey Research Center on campus to accomplish this and to ensure a sound survey both in substance and sampling.

Prof. Flaccus stopped by to visit about the status of the courtyard gardens and we walked around to see where new plants needed to be ordered or plants needed to be replaced. We thought about additional plantings around the east side of the building and where the funding might come from to pay for those additional plants. Meanwhile on the home front, my air conditioning went out and I had to get home a little bit early to meet the air conditioning service technician to find out whether the news was bad or very bad. As it turned out, the unit which was the original unit in the house when it was built, was completely caput. That meant I was looking at replacing the entire unit. When the tech looked at the furnace he pointed out that it was also the original furnace. It had some pretty serious deficiencies, so it was best to replace it too, the idea being that the new units would help to pay for themselves in terms of energy efficiency over time, even though it was going to be an expensive proposition. Sigh. That was Monday.