Thursday morning I got up early. My flight was leaving at 9:00 a.m. or so and as part of her 75th birthday gift, I was taking my mom with me to Torrey Pines. She’s such a big Tiger Woods fan and she really wanted to see Torrey Pines and she had never been to LaJolla, California. I had to leave a little bit earlier because I had to stop and pick her up before we headed to the airport. We arrived at the airport in time but both our flights were delayed. In fact when we got to Dallas it was such a close connection that we had to make a “run” for it. I ended up sort of pulling mom a little bit through the airport. She and I both were winded by the time we got to our gate only to arrive there and find out that that flight was also delayed. We arrived so late at Torrey Pines that the other board members and the staff of the NALP Foundation had left for dinner before we got there, so we missed the arranged transportation. We checked in, took our luggage to our rooms, freshened up a bit and caught a cab into downtown LaJolla for dinner. The weather was beautiful in San Diego. I still felt a little bit tired, but I was glad I had napped on the flight from Heathrow and gone to bed right away when I returned home or it would have been pretty hard to make it Thursday.