Per chance I happened across a wonderful series of mysteries. The protagonist is a Laotian Coroner, Dr. Siri Paiboun, who has a deliciously irreverent view of the world and authority, as well as a wicked, self-deprecating sense of humor that causes me to chuckle out loud. I really enjoy the richness and detail of the settings, and the mystical overlay to this series written by Colin Cotterill. Siri, it turns out is in tune with, and guided by, the spirit world. His interactions with them often provide insight into events unraveling in his day to day life. But he has to decipher the clues given to him by his otherworldly guides. Siri’s unorthodox world view, the curious happenings in his life and professional undertakings, and the strength of the supporting characters—especially the women—all add to the pleasure of reading these novels. If that sounds like your cup of tea check, them out and let me know what you think.