Tuesday, June 24, began with a meeting with Monika Szakasits. It was my last meeting with her in her role as Interim Director of the library because very soon Prof. Randall Thompson will join us to assume those duties. It was a great meeting, as always. Many, to Monika for all the hard work and long hours she’s put in to keep the library going during our search for a new director. She has been terrific to work with and has initiated a number of positive changes in the library while serving as Interim Director. It’s been terrific to work with her.

Later that afternoon Jane Archer visited the law school and took a tour with Teri Stafford and me. We enjoyed our visit with Jane. She is the granddaughter of Dean Waterman, and feels a strong connection to the law school. We are fortunate that she has an ongoing interest in the law school and its programs. Thanks Jane, for your continued support.

L to R: Jane Archer and Teri Stafford

After visiting with Jane, I met with Prof. Sheppard, Provost McMath, Dean Schwab of Arts and Sciences, and Dean Suzanne McCray of the Honors College about one of our adjunct professors, Henry McLeish. We met to

Dean Schwab

Dean Schwab

discuss how we might more creatively make the most of Henry’s visit to the campus each year. Henry brings a wealth of experience in EU law to the classroom and teaches in both the law school and the College of Arts and Sciences. (See the March 26th posting for more about Henry). Teri Stafford and I later had our weekly development meeting. Later that evening I worked out at Curves, and it felt great.

After the workout it was time to prepare for the trip to Washington, DC, to attend the AALS Retention of Minority Law Teachers Workshop and the opening of the AALS New Teachers Workshop. From there I would head to Houston for our first alumni reception at the Texas Bar Association Annual meeting.