Monday I didn’t have any of meetings, so I had time to catch up on correspondence and to return phone calls after having been out of the office for the trip to Texarkana. Monday evening I had a bittersweet social engagement, dinner with Professor Stan Adelman. Professor Adelman had been an adjunct and member of the law school community for many years. His expertise is in the area of criminal law, particularly bail to jail, post-conviction remedies and the penal system. Our students benefitted from the fact that he brought many years of practical experience to the classroom. We will certainly miss him. He is leaving us to pursue a wonderful opportunity to teach full-time at the University of Albany Law School.

Also, though it was a quiet day I have to give a special shout out to Dean Lonnie Beard whose 60th birthday is the 23rd of June. Fortunately for him, he was on vacation so didn’t have to endure any of our ribbing and teasing. Happy Birthday Dean Beard!