Wednesday evening, I attended two fun events. The first was the Kappa Iota Switch Stepsorority party 1 Show. Kappa Iota is the undergraduate chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority on campus. A switch step show is a neat idea. Each of the Greek organizations participating in the step show had to “switch” identities with another organization. Which group they had to impersonate was determined by drawing the other group’s name from a hat. For example, AKA drew Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, so their step show had to mimic the step show of the Sigmas who performed as AKAs. It was a really different type of step show and good fun.

sorority party 3Before I left to go to SBA auction, I saw the Phi Beta Sigmas step as the Alpha Kappa Alphas, and that was hilarious! Thanks a lot guys. They came out in pink wigs and were pretty funny. . Also, the Delta Sigma Theta sorority drew the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, so they stepped as the Alphas. The ballroom at the Union was completely full—it looked as though all the Greeks on campus were there. In fact, each of the campus fraternities and sororities gave a shout out at the start of the event. The emcee would say for example, “Are the Chi-O’s in the house?” And the Chi-O’s would resorority party 2present. It was definitely fun and high energy.

After that, it was off to the faculty auction. Thanks to Professor Circo for attending as well, and also to his daughter Rebecca, who donated her original painting of a Razorback with a scale of justice for the auction. It was a popular item. My auction item was a brunch for six at Copelands of New Orleans, won by Kelvin Stroud, the SBA president. I’m looking forward to brunch with him and his Fab 5. Seriously, thanks again to Kelvin for organizing the Faculty Auction, and a big thank you to all the faculty members who donated items. The proceeds of the auction are being donated to Legal Aid of Arkansas to support its programs. Legal Aid serves those who are least able to afford legal representation. Congratulations to the SBA for a wonderful event in support of such an important cause.

sorority party 4