I returned to Fayetteville for a very full day on Wednesday. The first thing in the morning Asia Diggs, a 3L student,steve sheppard interviewed me for Professor Steve Sheppard’s legal history class. As an assignment the students are required to select a lawyer of historical significance in the state of Arkansas and conduct and interview with that person. I am really honored that Asia selected me, and we visited for about an hour and a half.

At noon I had lunch with Read Hudson and Chris Daugherty, both of them are alumna of the law school and cTyson logoounsel for Tyson Foods. During lunch and we talked about ways lawyers at Tyson Foods could become more involved with the law school. We came up with a few ideas, including an interesting course that would provide hands on experience in a number of the areas encountered by corporate counsel. They also suggested the possibility of a summer clerkship. Both are exciting possibilities.

Our lunch took place at Mama Deans. Don’t worry, foodies, I haven’t forgotten you! Read had chicken friend steak with mashed potatoes and black eyed peas, Chris had friend chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes, and I had the pork chops with greens and macaroni and cheese. Chris and I both had the peach cobbler, and Read had the carrot cake. Thanks Read and Chris for a great lunch, and for taking time out of your day to brainstorm with me about how we can work together to create opportunities for our students.Dean Worrell

That afternoon Dan Worrell, the Dean of the Walton College of Business, came for a visit. We toured the building and brainstormed ways that our two schools might collaborate. He got to meet a number of our faculty and staff and they shared their good ideas and suggestions with us. Dean Worrell is a good friend, and it was a pleasure to visit with him. As you know from the earlier blogs, I am working this semester to get around campus to visit with all the deans. Dan beat me to the punch! I promised him that I’d soon visit him at the Walton College of Business to take a tour and to learn more about his college. Thanks for coming to visit, Dan! I’m looking forward to developing new initiatives with you.