I am starting my holiday vacation a little early this year. So I will be out of the office until the new year. However, I managed to attend a few events before taking off.

Monday was our staff holiday luncheon. What a delight and what a fun event. We shared white elephants gifts and had lunch catered by AQ Chicken. It was fun. We also had our final faculty candidate of the semester. That evening was a quiet dinner at Thai Diner with Kedron Benham and Michele McCall.

The next day was the last Academic Deans Meeting of the semester, and the Provost wished us all a happy holiday. I then had my final meeting of the semester with the Provost.

Happy holidays to all of you. Thanks for a very successful semester. If you’ve been following the blog, you can see we’ve made a number of extraordinary strides with our strategic planning effort, in our faculty recruitment, our library director search and our development director search. Many thanks to all of you for working so hard to bring to life the great things happening here at the School of Law. May you all have very happy, warm and joyous holidays with your families and friends, and I’ll see you next semester.


Happy Holidays