Another busy week around the law school. Jesús Moroles arrived and we have been excited to watch the installation of the courtyard begin. The pillars outside the Norma Lea Beasley Entrance Hall were installed early in the week and peaked everyone’s interest in our artist.
Monday we had a faculty candidate in, and I went to have lunch with Kelly Scott, our alumna who works at the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office. It was good to meet with her and to catch up with her and all the developments in her career.

Tuesday was a very quiet day, other than the last day of my workplace legislation course. What a great class. Thanks for your patience this semester with all the class conflicts. Good job on your presentations, and I look forward to grading your finals.

Wednesday I had lunch with Carolyn Allen, the Dean of Mullins Library. It was fun to get off campus and to find out what was going on in her life and to share what’s happening with me. We’ve decided to make that a regular event, and I look forward to it. Thank you very much for lunch, Carolyn. Later that afternoon, we celebrated our November birthdays. Happy Birthday Cathy Chick, Chauncey Brummer, Kim Ferguson and Monika Szakasits.

The next day, Thursday, Malcolm and I left for a reception down in Dallas with our Dallas alumni sponsored at Patton Boggs and hosted by Robert Jeffery “Jeff” Cole. A number of our Dallas alumni turned up including 50+ grads Gene Schieffler and Norma Lea Beasley. A number of our younger alums were there as well. It was a very lively group. They were very excited about what was happening at the Law School. Also, three of our alums were excited about spearheading an effort to form a Dallas Chapter of the Law Society – Mark Torian, Adam Daughtery and Jason Jobe. Thank you to Jeff, Gene, Norma, Mark, Adam, Jason, Keith Williams, James Ish, Steve Caple, Hirum McBeth, Floyd Clardy, Kevin Jones, Val Albright, and Lloyd Ward and his wife for attending.


Nov26_07_02 And then the next day we returned from Dallas in time for a faculty meeting and Jesús Moroles gave a presentation to the Law School community on his work in general and his vision for the courtyard. We were very pleased to have Michael Hollomon, Richard’s life partner, there as well as Chancellor White, Archie Schaffer and Woody Bassett. The latter two spearheaded the courtyard fundraising efforts. A number of our alums came, as well as Mayor Coody. It was a wonderful and warm event, and people are very excited about the beautiful work of Jesús and the vision of Richard in the courtyard. That evening I went to dinner with Jesús; his friend Margarete, who is a collector of his sculptures; Nancy and Andy Cozart and Dana and Wally Nixon. It was a wonderful evening and thanks very much to the 36 Club for squeezing us in on a busy and rainy evening.

Once again, there are a lot of events going on around here. Sadly, we learned of the passing of one of our retired Law School colleagues, Jim Jackson. Our thoughts are with Jim’s family during this time of sorrow.