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A couple of weeks ago I attended The Law School Admission Council Board retreat in Park City, Utah. It was my first trip to Utah, and so while I read the materials and was prepared for, and interested in our discussions, I was also looking forward to seeing the area. It wasn’t an easy trip though. My initial plane out of Northwest Arkansas was delayed. When I arrived in Dallas, that flight was also delayed, and the plane was eventually pulled from service due to mechanical trouble. That made my arrival into Utah much later than expected. The irony was that my original flight was at 7:00 a.m. and the shuttle arrived at 5:15. Ugh, it made for a very long travel day. However, the view from the plane as we were arriving in Salt Lake, suggested it was worth the hassle (setting aside for a moment the importance of the meeting).

2014-07-31 15.09.22When I arrived, I felt a bit loopy. I don’t know whether it was lack of sleep, crazy travel, or altitude. I grabbed my luggage and picked up the rental car. While I was in line, I ran into fellow board member Athur Pinto and his partner, Stephen Bohlen. Had I known I’d arrive at the same time as they did, I would have ridden with them. It turned out to be okay in the long run though, because there were other folks at the retreat, without cars, and we were able to get out and look around together.

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I have learned over time that trying to do too many things at one time (especially as it pertains to driving) is never a good idea. So, I sat in the parking deck, pulled up my Mapquest app, entered the hotel address, and got the radio tuned to NPR before pulling out. It didn’t help me initially though.  I ended up looping around the enclosed area, behind the parking deck, from which there was no exit. A guy with a heavy Eastern European accent flagged me over after my second pass by and told me how to get out. From there the drive was fine, and quite lovely.

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As I arrived, I bumped into board members Marie Jivan and Christina Whitman, visiting in the lobby. We hatched a plan to do a little sightseeing and to grab dinner in Park City. I dumped my bags and we headed off in my SUV rental, having confirmed the location of the Harley store. (Surely, given the beauty of the area, the t-shirts would be keepers.) We got into town late afternoon, parked and walked Main Street, ducking in and out of the many boutiques, jewelry stores and gift shops–and of course stopped at the Harley shop.

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I didn’t realize until Marie pointed it out, that Park City is the home of the Sundance Film Festival, which you can read more about here.  It was also one of the sites of the 2002 Winter Olympics, another fact that eluded me until someone pointed it out. I felt that I had been in “go” mode so much lately–prepping for the meetings and getting from one meeting to the other, that I hadn’t put two and two together. I was even more grateful for Marie and Chris’ company as  they helped me take the time to stop and appreciate where we were. Park City2014-08-03 09.09.37

After a while, we had worked up an appetite and chose Bistro 412 for dinner. We were glad we did. Our server was excellent, the atmosphere relaxing and comfortable, and the food, terrific. By the time we ended a very leisurely meal, it was time to head back to the hotel and rest. The time difference was catching up with us, and so after a glass of wine back at the hotel, we said goodnight.

2014-08-01 10.09.39

Settling in for the day’s work

The next day the retreat filled the entire day. We grappled with a number of important questions about the future of the practice of law, law schools, and LSAC itself. Everyone worked hard, participated, and was quite thoughtful. By the end of the day, we were looking forward to relaxing. We enjoyed a group dinner in the hotel that night and were back at work again the next morning. On that second day, we adjourned with time to get out and sight see. Some folks went on the bobsled ride at Olympic Village and rode the lifts to enjoy the views, while several of us went into Park City to enjoy the Kimball Arts Festival.

The hotel staff informed us that there was too much traffic to drive, so we took the shuttle to the Park City free bus into town. The first stop was a pub (sorry, don’t remember the name) where we grabbed a quick a burger for lunch. Then we wandered Main Street, people watching and browsing the art.

Park CityLater that evening, a few of us went to dinner at The Riverhorse on Main restaurant, which was great. There was singer/pianist performing that evening who had a terrific voice. She performed an eclectic and interesting range of songs that added to the ambiance of the restaurant, which I’d describe as casual chic. The food was quite good as you might suspect based on the pictures below. My meal consisted of a beet salad and a lobster tail special. Both were wonderful. My friend Marjorie Larue-Britt ordered the halibut and she thought it was terrific. If you’re in Park City, I’d say give it a try, along with Bistro 412.

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The Riverhorse on Main’s beet salad

2014-08-02 21.00.37

The Riverhorse on Main’s lobster special

2014-08-03 09.19.05

Crosses sent as gifts from visitors/travelers from around the world

The next morning was a Sunday, and it was time to head home. However, because my flight left at noon, it gave me a little extra time. I decided to use the extra time to pay a visit to Shepherd of the Mountains ELCA church, which I’d passed on my way to the hotel from the airport. The parishioners and Pastor were very friendly, and I felt welcomed and comfortable right away. They used a different setting of the liturgy, but I knew the words and could follow along. Pastor Steve Leiser’s sermon was based on the story of the loaves and the fish. He reminded us about how fortunate we are and our responsibility to provide for others. He asked us to think about how much we need compared to how much we have and challenged us to engage in and support ministries that share our gifts with others. I enjoyed the service, and it felt like a good way to begin the trip home. 2014-08-03 09.20.22

2014-08-03 09.14.22

Little did I know when I arrived at the airport that I would be delayed 6 hours and have an overnight stay in Dallas, with another two-hour delay the next morning.  At one point I felt so exasperated that I tweeted to the airline for an explanation.  I didn’t get an answer, just an appeal for patience. Ultimately, I know it’s most important to arrive safely, and for that, delays and all I’m grateful.

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