I realize that this post is a little late but I wanted to share it. I promise to catch you all up in the coming weeks on what has been a very busy and eventful fall semester!

It was the first day of classes of the fall semester 2014. The start of school is always a hectic time, but this year felt even more chaotic than usual. I had my classes prepared and ready to go, both Torts and Poverty Law. Up early, I headed to school in plenty of time for class only to notice that on the day I meet my new students for the first time, I have on mismatched shoes. Now, they’re special shoes because Mom bought them, both pair while I was dean. She used to go shopping for me, for the things she thought I would need in that role. It was super sweet of her. Even when she purchased something I’d never have purchased for myself I always appreciated the fact that she took the time, and spent her limited dollars to help ensure my success. In fact, it makes my heart full just sharing that with you. These particular shoes were white strap sandals (in my defense) that were quite similar. See for yourself.



My class either didn’t notice or were too polite to point it out, but to add to the craziness, the strap broke on one shoe, just as I started class. The students were wonderful. In fact, for the first time I can remember (I’m pretty certain ever) several of them came up after class to introduce themselves. It was fantastic! Have I told you I love teaching? If not, I do, truly. My students (yes they belong to me—at least I claim them) are inspirational, challenging, funny and smart. After covering the first chapter of the text, we watched the documentary, Hot Coffee.  My Poverty Law class that afternoon was also great. Though we didn’t engage as much as I did with my Torts class, their feedback was positive and I look forward to our discussions. After the preliminaries in Poverty Law, we watched The Line. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a social conscience and cares about the plight of people who are poor. I also renewed my pledge to get connected to and working with Legal Services before the end of the semester.


Later that day, I headed up to see Mom, stopping first to pick up a chocolate malt at Braum’s. She was in a sad mood when I arrived, as she had been “travelling all day” and was tired. The milkshake was “Just the thing, and hit the spot!” We sat outside for a long while and she shared her day with me. I’ve learned not to correct, but to engage her where she is. It was lovely time well spent. I showed her my mismatched shoes and she commented, “that’s a little bit odd. Why did you do that?” I had no explanation, but I did remind her she bought them for me. “Like that?” “No, I said you actually gave me matched pairs. I did that.” “Oh,” she said. “Thank God! I have a lot of problems and I don’t need to own that.” And we both cracked up laughing.


When we went back inside, I was putting her clean clothes away and noticed that her bottom dresser drawer was in pieces. Now, I did take wood shop in high school, but as my friends can attest (Carol Goforth, Melissa Lee, Carol Gattis and Steve Sheppard) I should not put things together. It’s just not my forte (to put it mildly). So I did what any good daughter would do. I outsourced. I took a picture of the broken drawer and asked on FB if anyone could fix it.

broken dresser

Before I got to my car to leave (amazing) Laura Sparks Adams and her husband Forrest responded and came to the rescue. I live in a truly amazing place, with such loving folk. They were there in a flash and had the drawer reassembled, glued and nailed back together in no time. Mom asked to be propped up so she could observe all the excitement from her bed, and thanked them several times for their help. I add my thanks to hers and know that we are both blessed to have folks who care so much for us both. It is a fact that I don’t take for granted.

Lauren & Forrest to the Rescue
On the ride home, I made a detour to do a little shopping for the next day’s Panty Raid. This is an event sponsored by Womenade of Northwest Arkansas on behalf of the women at the Peace at Home Family Shelter. The mission of Womanade is to “give our time, our talents, and our treasures to help and preserve the dignity of those in need.” It exists to help those who have a need which cannot be met by area non-profits or other agencies. Typically, this is an urgent need where no other help exists. The Panty Raid a gathering of women who are invited to come, relax and bring undies that are donated to the shelter. I’m looking forward to the event, and can truly say the semester started with a magic Monday.

Panty Raid

P.S. The “Panty Raid” was a big success. Through Womanade, we collectively we donated 315 pairs of women’s underwear, and 113 pair of children’s underwear to Peace at Home Family Shelter  Here are a few pictures. By the way, I’ve posted a flyer for our next event, “Bring Bling” at bottom of this post.

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