I decided upon an unusual spring break treat–attending a daylong conference entitled, “So Much Great Fruit: Lutheran Perspectives on Contemporary Legal Issues.” My thinking was to spend one day pulling together all the pieces of who I am, and to take in a little spiritual sustenance before the roast hectic weeks if the semester.

The conference is being held in Hyde Park, and in addition to the program, I am hoping to spend an evening with family. Arriving at O’Hare however, I forgot that there had been an El Train accident the a few days before. That meant the Blue Line station at the airport was closed.my first hint was when I approached the station and saw a number of news cameras. As I got closer, I could see the yellow investigation tape and a number of officers.

Passengers were directed to take a free shuttle to the Rosemont station. Things were a little chaotic and I ended up paying $5.00 for a $3.50 ticket because after I’d entered the cash I learned the machine didn’t make change and I didn’t want to hold up a really long line for &1.50. Guess I’m starting the trip by making a contribution to Chicago public transportation.

Looking forward to a great conference, time with family, and feeling grateful for safe travels. More on the conference to follow.