An ongoing challenge for me has been keeping up with the contacts I make at meetings and conventions. Inevitably, I receive a number of business cards from interesting folks with whom I’d like to keep in touch.  In the past they’d end up in a desk drawer or card file, but when I finally go through them later, I have no idea who those folks they are or where I met them (though frankly, Google tends to solve the former problem).

Well, there’s a nifty little app that helps tremendously with this problem. It’s called CardMunch. LinkedIn purchased it, and it’s functionality increased as a result.  Here’s how it works.  Download the app to your phone.  Then, open the app and take a picture of the card.  The app will create a folder of the cards on your phone and links each card to the contact’s LinkedIn profile, if they have one.  You can make notes in their listing, such as where you met them or why you collected their card.

Here’s a review of CardMunch by PC Mag, which frankly, does a better job of explaining all the features than I can.  The bottom line for me is that I am able to keep better track of and make the most of the new contact I meet with CardMunch than was possible with the old-fashioned card file. Let me know what you think!