Since I didn’t get back into town until Monday night, my Pilates session was rescheduled for Tuesday.  Claudia Smith, my teacher, has been working with me since I started the deanship.  Blake Woolsey recommended Pilates as a way to de-stress.  What is it?

 According to one writer,  “The Pilates principals include the conditioning the entire body (all of the muscle groups), proper alignment of the spine through regular exercising and proper movement, centering and concentration, ability to control your movements, precision, correctly breathing deeply, and the fluidity and flow of movement. When correctly performing Pilates exercises on a regular basis the benefits include the lengthening of the body, alignment of the spine, and an increase in your muscle strength and flexibility.” 

The BFit Studio is located on Block Street in a lovely space that often features the work of local artists. Some of the exercises are tough, but I guess that’s the point-to build strength in those weak muscles. Claudia also has a terrific knowledge of back roads and has recommended some great riding routes. If you’re looking for a low key way to work out, you might want to consider Pilates at BFit.

Coming into the office felt like a Monday after being away the week before.  At lunch time, I met Associate Dean Circo at his office and we walked to Emilia’s on Dickson Street for lunch.  It was closed, so we went to Common Grounds.  I think I undid the work of Pilates by ordering the chicken nachos, but there was enough left over to bring back and share. We talked about family and work, and then walked over to the union to change the Law Review bank account signatories. Former Associate Dean Beard and I had to sign off of the account and Associate Deans Circo and Snow were to be the new signatories.  Believe or not, that took a really loooong time.  Sheesh. 

When I got back to the office Steve Clark, University of Arkansas School of Law alumnus and President/CEO of the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce, was waiting for me.  We’d been scheduled to meet and it had taken so long at the bank that I was late. Yikes.  Steve was gracious though, and told me he had an offer for me.  It turned out to be an interesting one, to serve on the board of Bikes, Blues and Barbecue.  Kinda cool, huh?  Bikes, Blues and Barbecue is a charitable organization that raises its funds by putting on a major motorcycle rally every fall.  Recently the organization expanded to add a rally specifically for women riders, Bikes, Babes & Bling (Yeah, I know.  I’m not too fond of the name either.)  I explained that I’d be away a lot this next year, but he’d already considered that and we’ll work it out.  I look forward to sharing my perspectives and ideas, as a newish, woman rider of color and social media person.

 I got a really exciting phone call later that afternoon, but I can’t tell you about it yet.  Stay tuned!