It’s unusual, I know, but my mid-morning flight to Boston enroute to the LSAC board meeting came off without a hitch. It turned out that another board member, Associate Dean Michael Burns was on the same Chicago to Boston so we were able to share a cab to the hotel (with a reckless, surly driver who informed us when we arrived that his credit card machine was broken).

 The good news was that I arrived early enough to meet up with a few long time colleagues and friends.  If you’ve followed the blog you’ll recognize Dean Thorny Steele from previous posts.  Thorny, Peter Pashley, Marjorie Larue Britt and I went to dinner at Bistro Du Midi, a French restaurant a couple doors from the hotel. I very much enjoyed my meal which began with the marinated beet salad, Vermont goat cheese and aged lemon vinaigrette. Between us we tasted the Guinea fowl Bolognese, garganelli pasta with parmesan,  a fish (can’t remember sorry) special, and pan roasted cod, fresh garbanzo beans, pimentos, golden raisins with chorizo.  Everyone enjoyed their entrees.  For dessert we shared lavender beignets with chocolate sauce, and Thorny and Peter tried a cherry tart special that they agreed was quite good.

After enjoying our meal, we took a walk around the Boston Public Garden. On one side of the garden we ran across the bar Cheers Pub, for which the television series was named. It looked to be a great area to explore should we finish the board meeting early, but first there was work to do which required a good night’s rest.  It had been a very pleasant start to the trip, indeed.