It was a nice quiet Monday, with nothing on the calendar (What a feeling!) I was able to get correspondence out and to work on an Arkansas Law Notes piece that was to be an update on the law school accreditation process.  Sadly I ended up having to abandon it because of the time crunch and other commitments.  I promised Professor Flaccus that I’d work towards getting something together for next year’s volume.  I’d also ordered a number of books on the theology of working for an article for the St. John’s Law School Journal of Catholic Legal Studies, and Monday afforded me the opportunity to begin reading and thinking about the shape of that piece. 

After all the activities of the weekend, Sunday was literally a day of rest. I didn’t even keep my weekly date with Mom, so we went out Monday.  Mom was happy for the outing, but when I opened the door, she exclaimed, “Man, it’s hot out here!  What’s the temperature?”  It was in the upper 90’s but at least the car was nice and cool.


We went to Carino’s in Rogers, because I know Mom enjoys their pastas.  She ordered the spicy shrimp and chicken and thought it was terrific. I had lasagna and a glass of sangria and was pleased with my meal too.  During dinner I told her about what we’d seen on our ride to Joplin and shared pictures from my IPhone.  After and enjoyable meal, we bundled the remained of Mom’s dinner to go, and headed back taking the long way to enjoy the scenery.  I love a week that starts with such a gentle landing.