On Valentine’s Day I felt a little blue. That happens pretty much every Valentine’s Day when you don’t have something special to do with a special someone. Fortunately, Baxter Sharp and Rick Pruitt were in Northwest Arkansas for a basketball game and Baxter called and invited me to dinner with them. So it’s wasn’t quite the sad and gloomy Valentine’s Day of past years. We went to Basil’s Café in Rogers which was located in the Village on the Creek Mall before and had moved to the newer area back behind Bonefish. In the past, I’d experienced wonderful service, terrific food, and a cozy atmosphere. Their new location is bigger and brighter and not as welcoming. We had pretty awful service and our meals were just so so. So while it has been one of my very favorites, I’m going to have to try it again before I can recommend it to all you foodies out there. I have to say that we were very disappointed. Our waiter was fine, but the hostess not so much, and even a little bit snippy. I had bragged to Baxter and Rick about what a great restaurant it was, so you might imagine that was a pretty disappointing meal.