will-smith-7-pounds-poster3The 2nd was spent catching up with life.  I don’t know another way to explain it, but it included dealing with all the dry cleaning and paper that needed to be shredded and hauled out.  By the way, does anybody know where all that paper comes from?  I think that my mail mates on my counter and multiplies.  I’m not really sure, but there was just a ton of stuff that needed to be sorted and recycled or shredded and it seemed like a good way to start the New Year by tackling those projects.  I also went to the movies with my nephew, Kendall, and his wife, Kendra, and we saw “Seven Pounds” which was a real tear-jerker.  It left everyone in our row in the theater in tears.  I thought it was a pretty powerful movie.  I know that the critics have panned it, but I found it to be an interesting film.  We all liked it very much.

logo_petcoIn addition to the things around the home, that whole sort of cleaning up and spiffing up and preparing for the New Year led into Saturday with a number of errands around town including trips to the dry cleaners, Petco, the book store, things that had been put off in all the busyness of the holiday season and the holiday travel.  It felt good to get those things done.  Saturday I also had to say goodbye to my nephew as he headed back to Fort Benning in Augusta, Georgia.  I will certainly miss him very much.

Sunday was church day and Mom and I had to get there a little bit early because I was running the information booth at church to give information to visitors who may be attending our church for the first time.  The Pastor’s sermon focused on the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how we should use that wisdom.  Having just preached my first sermon the previous week, I had a much greater appreciation of what it takes to put a sermon together.  I was probably a little more attentive than I may have been in the past.

Afterwards, we had breakfast with the breakfast bunch.  We went to a new place called The Sunrise Cafe.  It’s on Garland Street and it’s a 24 hour old school kind of diner.  We had a pretty good breakfast there.  The best thing out of all the menu items that were ordered by our group was corn beef hash because unlike the corn beef hash that comes out of the can, it was actual slices of corn beef and real potatoes.  It looked so good, unfortunately I didn’t order that but the next time I go there I will.  It was a lively environment, so if you want quiet on your Sunday morning I wouldn’t recommend it.  Everybody there was pretty friendly and it was a nice change.

Sunday afternoon was quiet, mainly focused on preparing for returning back to work on Monday morning, getting everything lined up and locating things that had been spread around the house over the holidays like keys and that kind of thing.