Sunday was a nice quiet day at sea and our Cruise Compass (the newsletter for the ship) said: “A day at sea can only mean one thing – big fun!” Well, we weren’t looking for big fun, we were just looking forward to a relaxing day on the deck, reading and visiting with each other. We took some time that day to check our e-mails because we were reminded that we would soon be going back to reality and it was better to find out what was going on than to wait until we returned.

The day got off to a leisurely start. I walked around the Promenade Deck in the morning and met Carol and Marjorie for breakfast in the main dining room. As you know from the earlier postings, we were very glad to be able to eat in the dining room rather than in the buffet line. Because it was a day at sea, there were a number of activities scheduled. We went to a few of them but, as I said, we really were looking for a nice quiet day. One of the things we did go to check out was the Olympic Belly Flop Competition. I guess I should clarify when I say we, Marjorie wasn’t interested but Carol and I thought it would be pretty funny and it was. Some of the other activities that day included a yoga class, a tai chi class, a beginning Spanish class, the movie “Evan Almighty,” digital camera tips, a ping pong tournament, a secrets to a flatter stomach class, “who says you can’t cook” cooking demonstration, family bingo, beginner piano lessons. That gives you a sense of the many activities offered that sea day.

It was a wonderful day spent reading, dozing, chatting, and just enjoying the beautiful ocean view and quiet down on the Promenade Deck. Not many people sat there because most people tended to sit up by the pool area. The pool area tended to be noisy with a band and the bars, but there was a pretty regular group of folks who came down to the quiet areas. Everyone respected the fact that we were all there for the quiet. It was a very, very relaxing afternoon.

That evening dinner was formal and we took a formal portrait together, the three of us. There were a number of evening activities, including a mini rumba dance. The show that evening was entitled “Tango Buenos Aires” and it was very fiery, sensual dancing. It was great. We really enjoyed that performance. The movie, “The Bourne Ultimatum” was also showing that night, there was a Texas hold ‘em poker tournament, and the disco had the Rat Pack music hour.

We didn’t attend any of those other things, but we did go to something called the “Battle of the Sexes” game show in the Colony Club. The Cruise Director’s staff solicited people from the audience (men against women) and we thought it was going to be a battle of wits. I was tempted to go up but I’m glad that I didn’t because it turned out to be cheesy things like having to sit on a balloon or pass a balloon to somebody else or a spoon or those kinds of silly games like that. We watched, but didn’t participate. Later that evening we watched the karaoke superstar search. I think I told you before that karaoke on the ship was no different than karaoke locally, that is it can be pretty awful and pretty amusing but there were some surprisingly talented singers. That was a lot of fun. After that we turned in because we knew the next day we had an excursion in Naples.