Happy Birthday to Jan Ingram, a member of our staff who is our travel czarina.  We hope she had a wonderful birthday!

This was the day to speak at the Rotary Club, so that morning again, I pulled together the notes I’d put together for that speech and got over to the Rotary at 11:30 a.m.  I talked about some of the developments in legal education that I’ve blogged about before. I also talked about the Carnegie Report and Best Practices and how the law school is engaged in its own strategic planning process.  I shared with the Rotarians how the programs and courses offered by the law school address some of the concerns of Best Practices and the Carnegie Report including our extensive clinical program, our pro bono program, the skills competitions, our legal writing program, and the fact that we are looking again at restructuring our upper level writing requirement.  They were very interested and asked a number of questions including the progress of the courtyard, the number of students we have, what the class looked like in terms of diversity, whether they tended to be in state or out of state, and about new faculty members, so it was a very engaged and lively audience.  Thanks very much to Prof. Brill for inviting me to speak to the Rotarians.  There were a number of our alums there who are members of Rotary and it was great to interact with them.  When I got there, rather than going up to sit at the speaker’s table, I actually sat in the back with our alums who were pretty rowdy back there, and that included John Threet, the local Washington County Prosecutor, and Judge Kim Smith.

After speaking to the Rotary Club, I had a conference call with the Arkansas Code Revision Commission.  That lasted about an hour, after which, there was a going away party for Stan Adelman, but because I had to prepare to go to Texarkana first thing in the morning the next day, I didn’t make the party.  I knew I’d have dinner with Stan the next Monday and so I begged his forgiveness for missing his party. I hated that I missed it because I heard it was quite a fun time with a pretty big band and lots of dancing and food and a good time was had by all.