June 14th -15th

The weekend after the Arkansas Bar Association Annual Meeting was a quiet one. I spent some time with mom on Saturday evening and had breakfast with the breakfast bunch after church.

June 16th

The 16th began as usual on a Monday with Pilates with Claudia at Studio Pilates. The day was a catch up day on correspondence, phone calls and e-mails that had piled up while being at the bar meeting. I also had some informal visits around the plants for the completion of the courtyard, our upcoming events, and looking at sprucing up rooms 325 and 327. We discussed what that might entail and tried to determine whether the contractors would be able to finish that work before school starts.

After work, it was time for a polite evening with my good friend and cruise companion Carol Gattis at the Lambeth Lounge at Carnall Hall. However, it turns out that our visit turned into a really delightful evening. While we were there visiting and making our last minute plans for the Fabulous at 50 cruise, we were joined by Prof. Mike Mullane who sat down to visit with us to hear about our past adventures as well as those we had planned. He then called Prof. D’Lorah Hughes who came and joined us as well. That was a fun time! It was very informal and very relaxing to visit with them. As it turns out, Richard Alexander was there that evening. He’s one of our alums and a very well-known real estate developer in Northwest Arkansas and when he left, he put our drinks on his tab. Thanks, Richard!

Afterwards, Prof. Mullane left us and the three of us – D’Lorah, myself and Carol – walked down to Dickson Street and had sushi at Wow. Although Carol doesn’t really like sushi, she had some tempura. It was a fun dinner and it was a chance to get to know D’Lorah a little bit better and also to congratulate her on her recently purchased home. In fact, she had just decided on it that day, so we celebrated that joyous event with her that evening. What had started out as an evening with just the two of us ended up being much more and much more enjoyable for the additional company.