That Thursday was a busy one at the bar meeting. It began with a 7:30 a.m. meeting with the Law School Committee. The members of the Committee are Richard L. Ramsay (Chair), Anthony W. Black, C. Tad Bohannon, Thomas M. Carpenter, F. Thomas Curry, James D. Cypert, Robert J. Gladwin, C. David Glass, James F. Goodhart, James H. Gunter, Jr., Georgia Elrod Harris, Gwendolyn D. Hodge, Denise R. Hoggard, J. Leon

Johnson, Gregory T. Jones, Jamie Huffman Jones, Louis B. Jones, Jr., John G. Lile, III, William A. Martin, Jeffrey E. McKinley, Jerald “Cliff” McKinney, II, Brian S. Miller, Bobby Lee Odom, Donna C. Pettus, W. Marshall Prettyman, Jr., Charles B. Roscopf, Matthew J. Shepherd, John F. Stroud, Jr., A. Glenn Vasser, Kent R. Walker, David J. Whitaker, and Ralph E. Wilson, Jr.

The meeting with the Law School Committee at the Arkansas Bar Association is always a good opportunity to share with them what’s going on at the law school, upcoming events, and to receive their feedback. There are some new members on the Committee this year. The members who were able to attend that morning were Matt Shepherd, Scotty Shively, Rick Ramsay, Marshall Prettyman, Bill Martin, Denise Hoggard, Justice Gunter, David Whitaker and Cliff McKinney. I was able to talk with them about the upcoming law school events – the recognition of our 50+ year alum; the law school dedication; the “meet the lawyers” program because some of them weren’t a part of the Committee this Spring or weren’t able to attend the meeting; the fact that we hope to have a judges reception and a scholarship dinner in the Spring; the fact that we will be honoring Professor Guzman upon his retirement from the law school with an event this Fall; as well as the joint CLE and tailgate party with the Mississippi School of Law around the Ole Miss game. They were excited to hear about all the new programs and we’re looking forward to hosting them again this spring during their visit to the law school.

From 9:45-10:15 that morning, Governor Beebe gave a speech in the Crystal Ballroom. It was an excellent speech and of course the room was packed as you might expect. I have to take this opportunity once again to point out that Governor Beebe is an alum of the University of Arkansas School of Law. I had to leave from that quickly to get back to my hotel room because I had a conference call with members of the University community from 11:00 a.m. -12:00 noon. After that, I headed back over to the Arlington Hotel. From 2:30-4:00 p.m. there was a panel on the “Guantanamo, the Supreme Court, and Rule of Law.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sit through that completely because, from 3:30-4:30 p.m., we had a meeting of the Board of the Arkansas Law Review. Thanks very much to the members of the Law Review Board who attended, including Kent Rubens, Niki Cung, Mary Beth Matthews, Scott Dodson, Lonnie Beard, Carl Circo and our two students, Lindsey Pesek and Phil Brick. It had been a long day and that evening I was supposed to go dancing, but instead I went back to the room and had a quiet dinner with room service and relaxed for Friday.