Monday morning and back to Pilates after three weeks and it was hard! Hard, but good. It was very rewarding to be back in training with Claudia. She had some new exercises for me and they were challenging, so I knew that I was back! After that, I went in to the office to catch up on e-mail. One thing about visiting the Aunties is my e-mail access is very limited, so there were many e-mail messages to sort through upon returning to the office, as well as the usual stack of correspondence.

I met with Professor Goforth about her plans for the upcoming year and she is working on some very interesting scholarship on corporate structure and the need to revisit the Model Business Corporation Act.

Also, I made preparations for the Arkansas Bar Association Annual Meeting with Terri to make sure that I scheduled the various events at which our faculty members would be participating and speaking, as well as making sure that I didn’t miss any events honoring our alums. Terri keeps me organized and worked with me to schedule the various meetings which I needed to attend, including the Arkansas Lawyers Helping Lawyers Committee, the Arkansas Law School Committee Meeting, Law Alumni Society Board Meeting, and of course the law schools reception held on Friday evening which we co-host with UALR. It was such a busy day that lunch consisted of a banana and blueberries at my desk in between various quick brief meetings and catching up.

We are still working to spruce up the building for the dedication. We also want to see the courtyard through to completion and there are still a number of tasks that have to be completed around that. The website, as you may have noticed, is under development and there were conversations around that as well as annual reports that needed to be completed. So, it was a pretty busy day. Mostly catching up. It was quite a rainy day in Fayetteville so it was a good day to hunker down and get a lot accomplished.