The week began with a lovely dinner hosted by Jane and Dave Gearhart and Mary Ann and Reed Greenwood at the Greenwood residence. A number of University administrators and supporters were there, including several of our alums: Jim and Nancy Blair, Stanley and Charlene Reed, Lewis Epley and Charles Scharlau. All the Deans and Vice Chancellors were there, along with Jeff Long, Johnetta Cross Brazzell, Tysen Kendig, Richard Hudson and his wife…just everybody! It was quite an event. The Greenwoods and the Gearharts celebrated and praised the Chancellor and Mary Lib. There were several toasts to them, many thanks and gifts, and then a wonderful dinner. Everything was just lovely.

The table settings were amazing, and in fact, one of the jokes of the evening amongst the guests was how many knives and forks were actually on the table and what each was for. The menu was white bean soup with andouille sprinkles; Bertani Due Uve 2006; bibb lettuce with tangerines and almond slivers served with a cilantro vinaigrette; grilled shrimp, cheese grits and smoked tomato sauce; pomegranate frappé; seared duck breast with cognac demi-glace served with buttered apples and baby lima beans with marinated artichoke hearts; Purple Mountain Pinot Noir 2006; Stilton, Edam, and Swiss cheeses, fig jam and water crackers; Commander’s strawberry shortcake; Crème Chantilly; decaffeinated snickerdoodle coffee; and Belgian truffles. The meal was fabulous.

The dinner conversation at my table focused on the fate of Fayetteville High School, the Fayetteville mayoral race, growth and development in Rogers and Benton counties versus Washington County, the upcoming law school dedication, traveling and exotic foods. It was a delightful evening and I’m really grateful to have been included in such a lovely event. Thanks so much Chancellor White and Mary Lib for all you’ve done for the University of Arkansas, and for the School of Law. We wish you the very best as you transition into your new life. Reed and Mary Ann, as always, what a lovely event. But as you know, one would expect nothing less from both them and from the Gearharts.