Monday started off as usual with Pilates with Claudia. We were supposed to have a faculty meeting, but that was canceled because we didn’t really have enough business to justify holding a meeting. It’s a busy time of year, and I’m sure everyone was able to take advantage of that.

Dean and JudgeThat afternoon Teri Stafford and I departed for our first road trip, just the two of us together. Our first stop was in Little Rock and we visited with Judge Morris Arnold. We had a wonderful visit with Judge Arnold. He is a brilliant man who is also warm, funny and kind. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with him. We took a number of his books for him to sign as gifts for our distinguished visitors. He gave us a tour of his office and he shared with us some of his family history and the photographs in his office. It was a wonderful,Judge Arnold wonderful visit. While we were there, a hawk paid us a visit on his outside patio and we walked outside together to look at the Richard Sheppard Arnold United States Courthouse which is catty-corner from his office. I promised Judge Arnold that I will return to take a tour of the courthouse with him. During our conversation he was interested in what was going on at the law school, in legal education, and the ABA Section on Legal Education. Again, it was a terrific visit and we very much appreciate him making time to see us.

That evening we had dinner at the River City Grille and I ran into one of my sorority sisters and her mom. After dinner we checked into our hotel without delay because we had to get up for an early morning drive down to Texarkana, Arkansas, where I would be speaking to the Union County Bar Association on “The Rule of Law” and I needed to take some time to finish up those remarks.