Happy Spring!

I was met with a wonderful surprise when I arrived at the law school for another busy day. I received a beautiful bouquet of miniature roses in bright spring colors from my friend, Stacie Walters. A very warm thanks to you Stacie both for your friendship and for the beautiful flowers, Stacie.

Now I need to digress a little bit because a couple of you who follow the blog actually noticed that while I mention Pilates every Monday, I haven’t mentioned Curves in a while. And yes, it is true, I fell off the “Fabulous at 50” bandwagon, but I went and worked out today. I’m going to rededicate myself to Curves because it’s very important—not just for the exercise, but also as a stress reliever. Thanks for reminding me and for commenting about it. You’ve guilted me back into getting back on the “Fabulous at 50” path!

It’s a little ironic for me to mention getting back on the “Fabulous at 50” horse, and then going to Momma Dean’s with Susan Schell, our director of Career Services, right afterwards. I had to take her—she’d never been there before! I knew better, but it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. She had the fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. I had the ribs with macaroni and cheese and fried okra. So, you know, on one hand I’m going back to working out, on the other . . . . But just think of it this way, a good lunch at Mama Dean’s will just motivate me more! Susan enjoyed the peach cobbler for dessert and I had the banana pudding. And I’m telling you, if you haven’t been to Momma Dean’s, you should go check it out on South College (and no, I’m not getting a commission).

During lunch Susan and I visited about how her time at the law school has been, what kind of resources she thinks would be helpful, and her ideas for going forward with new programming for the Career Services department. It was a good visit. We’ve tried to have this conversation in the law school but we really needed to get out of the building to do it. She has some very good ideas and I think our students can look forward to even better services from her office.

The Law Review banquet was held at Uncle Gaylord’s that evening. Thanks to all of the faculty who attended including Ned Snow, Mary Beth and David Matthews, Dean Beard and Amy Beard, Phil Norvell, Bob Moberly, Don Judges and Chandana Becker, Angie Doss, Tim Tarvin and Dr. Patti Latta, Rhonda Adams, Kent Rubens, and Carl and Bobbi Circo. Also, thanks to Niki Cung and her husband Paul Thompson for attending even though they had to leave early. I know the law review members appreciated them for joining us and showing their support. It was a lovely event. There was a buffet but, since I had already eaten Mama Dean’s, I wasn’t very hungry.

Suzanne Clark did a great job of highlighting the Law Review year. You may not know this, but our Law Review used to be located in what was basically a converted sorority house across the street from the law school. When we moved into the new building we were able to make office space available for the Law Review, which meant moving everything in the middle of the school year. The members of the Law Review are to be commended for the extraordinary effort they expended and Suzanne deserves special recognition for the fabulous job she’s done.

One last, special note for this entry: on Thursday, Teri Stafford (who you’ve also seen mentioned in the blog) (I believe there’s a picture of her) left to go and send off her son, Josh, who has been called up to serve in Iraq. We wish them both safe travels, and Godspeed to Josh.