Thursday was supposed to be a law school strategic planning meeting, but because of the crazy weather it was pTomostponed. However, I did get to meet with Tom Black, our webmaster, on the migration of the Web site to our new Red Dot system. He has done a great deal of work to prepare for the migration and the changes look great. He has some neat features planned for the new law school site so stay tuned—you heard about it here in the blog first!

We’re still looking for outside input, too. Do you have any suggestions about how we can make the webpage better? If you’d like to, feel free to leave a comment right here on the blog; we’d love to hear it.

img_2065.jpgThat evening I had dinner with Jennifer Taylor, who is the director of the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. I had been invited by Bob Moberly and his wife, Lynn Webb. Jennifer’s sister, Laurie joined us as well for a lovely dinner at Theos. If you’re a “bloggie,” you know that Theos is my absolute favorite restaurant in Fayetteville, so in addition to the warm company, it was a good excuse to dine there once again.

We were greeted warmly by Jeff, Theo’s manager (by the way, Jeff, you need to come to law school!) before we sat down to a fabulous meal. We talked about everything, from the current Presidential race to the ADR Commission’s work and the fact that mediators are now involved in an increasing number of substantive legal fields. Thanks to Bob Moberly for the invite—it was a wonderful evening—and thanks Jennifer for visiting with our students about the Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission and the opportunities available to them in that area of practice.